seeSATURN officially launched!

The entire SpeedyScience team was on hand in a second-floor bedroom in Thunder Bay, Ontario this Monday evening for the official launch of the first initiative undertaken by the organization.

“We’re excited to see seeSATURN finally happen.” says founder Robert Berthiaume.  “It has been in the makings for several years now, and hopefully the hard work and careful planning results in a successful event.  We’d love to have people all over the world get a chance to see Saturn.  If even one person looks through a telescope for the first time on May 18th because of this project, then we’ll have done our job.”

The purpose of seeSATURN is to get as many people in as many places as possible out, together, to look at one of the most beautiful things in the sky. We want people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to get a chance at seeing this magnificent sight. We hope that this event brings people together to share their qualities, interests, talents, and culture with each other, all while learning a thing or two about science and having some fun.

seeSATURN happens on Saturday May 18th 2013.  For details, goto

The project is the first in a series of inclusive science experiences planned by SpeedyScience.

New logo

A new logo has been developed for Speedy Science.  It incorporates the themes of forward progress, performance, and fundamental science.  The name is written in Walkway Expanded Oblique with a stylized ‘S’ in the centre which not only completes the name, but represents a twisty road.  A motorcyclist is coming out of the second corner, having successfully negotiated the previous turns, ready to accelerate forward towards what lies ahead.  Two extended ‘Rutherford atoms’, the de facto symbol of science, frame the text.

This first draft was completed using the sophisticated graphics development software package MS Paint.  High resolution, vector art versions will be developed in the future.

The logo will be used on Speedy Science’s website, organizational communications, and equipment.

Speedy Science is live!

Speedy Science has a name, a presence on the web, and a plan for events to roll out in the summer of 2012.  Stay tuned for updates after the equinox!